MIS Reports will be delivered by March 15th

Submitted on Jan 01, 2011

MIS Reports 382.403 (DOT Drug and Alcohol Management Information System Report) are only required to be done for the Department of Transportation when they are requested. However, if you are a current client, we provide you this report as part of your program. Reports are currently being processed and will be mailed before the DOT dead line of March 15th. If you do not get a report by March 15th please contact us by phone or through our contact us page. If you have been contacted to provide a MIS report to the Department of Transportation, contact us immediately so we can complete your report ASAP. If a report is requested a packet will be sent explaining what is needed and the process for submittal. This year they are providing a user name and password to submit the reports on-line. If requested, please note this information so we can submit your report using this new system. DOT Requested reports are NOT the same as an inspector's request. An inspector may request a MIS report, but he still should give you until March 15th to complete the report. If you are in one of our consortiums, you will get an MIS report for the entire consortium pool not just your individual testing. If an inspector requests your testing numbers only, let us know and we will provide this to you.