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Mobile Occupational Services, Inc. is dedicated to educating our community on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. If you would like us to speak at your organization or function please contact our office to schedule a speaker.

Prescription Drug Use

Illegal drug has been declining among youth, while the abuse of prescription drugs, especially pain relievers, is increasing. Many abuse prescription drugs thinking they are safe, when in fact they can cause addiction and severe side effects.

Youth trade drugs at pharming parties

Prescribed Ritalin and Oxycotin, stolen from medicine cabinets at homes, and other psycho active prescription drugs are the stock in trade at so called "pharming parties" where young people trade medicines and often mix pills with alcohol to get high. Your children are likely to know others who use or abuse drugs and alcohol. They're also likely to have friends and peers who drive. It is important to talk about the dangers of driving under the influence. Talk about the legal issues of jail time, fines, and the possibility that they or someone else can be seriously injured or even killed. It is a parent's responsibility to be educated about drugs, so they can better educate their children about the effects of drug use.

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