Privacy Policy

Mobile Occupational Services Consumer Information Privacy Policy

Mobile Occupational Services, Inc. (MOS) is a Third Party Administrator for Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Management as well as a Consumer Reporting Agency that prepares Consumer Reports for our clients according to state and federal laws and the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This privacy policy explains how we utilize personal information and to whom it is disclosed to.


Information Collection

MOS obtains information on an individual consumer only upon the request of a client who has a permissible purpose under the FCRA to request information on that consumer. We require our clients to follow all FCRA requirements, including that each background request have a permissible purpose and that a written consent by the consumer be obtained before we conduct the search. All users must certify that they have a permissible purpose to request a report. Our customers agree to keep your information confidential and secure.


You may be asked by our client to provide personal information for a consumer report. If you do not wish to have your personal information available to our client or MOS, do not authorize our client to request a consumer report. Once you have consented to have a report conducted for our client, you have agreed to provide personally identifiable information to our client and you consent to our use of that information in accordance with this policy.  Any information you provide to our client is used to prepare the consumer report. We do not use your personal information for any other use than to prepare a consumer report. 


We do not collect any personal information without your knowledge. When you browse MOS's publicly accessible web site, you do so anonymously. MOS may collect non-personal information through cookies. The information is used to determine overall usage of our site, the efficiency of our site, and to determine our web presence. Should you provide information on our website to enroll for one of our services or to request contact, this information is utilized for that purpose. We do not share or sell your information. When requesting services from our site we may provide information to you about other services that we provide that may be useful.


Security / Protecting Your Personal Information 

MOS maintains strict protocols and procedures to protect your nonpublic personal information from unauthorized access. Personal information is only accessible to employees, contractors, and agents who require access in order to complete services to our client or you. All employees, contractors, and agents are required to comply with all state and federal laws, and federal FCRA requirements as well have strict privacy policies in place. Personal information is not transferred to third-parties outside of the USA or its territories unless required during an international search request.


Access to certain portions of our webpages are restricted and not available to the public. These portions require secure user names and passwords. Any information provided by our clients to request a consumer report within our website is done on a designated secure server utilizing a user name and password. Our clients certify that when requesting a consumer report they have a legally permissible purpose and have received consent from you. Only a designated representative from our client is authorized to access the restricted area of our website. Personal information provided by our clients or you and Consumer Reports prepared for our clients are stored in an undisclosed location on a secure server separate from our website.


Links / Website Resources

MOS supplies a variety of links and resources to other websites. Outside websites are out of our control and are not covered by our privacy policy. Links and resources are provided as a courtesy to our clients and visitors looking to obtain specific information or other services. For privacy information regarding any link to a site outside of our website please address that sites privacy policy.


Privacy Policy Changes

MOS may update or revise this policy from time to time. All changes can be referenced at this web address or by contacting our office. If you would like to contact us by mail or phone we can be reached at; Mobile Occupational Services 11687 Hesperia Rd., Hesperia, California 92345. Phone 760-244-6886. We can also be contacted utlizing our Contact Us page.