Background Checks

Companies are only as good as the employees they choose to hire.
We provide the tools and knowledge to help choose the best.

Our goal is to help businesses hire quality, reliable employees and protect them from industrial liabilities.

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Businesses today must protect themselves from costly lawsuits, false injuries, internal theft, and lost time. The costs of conducting an extensive background check on a potential employee must be weighed against the cost and risk of not conducting a background check to find the best candidates. 

Background checks are an essential screening tool designed to help you choose the right employees.

Mobile Occupational Services can provide you with the following information:

    • Employment Verification
    • Criminal Searches
    • Social Security Address Verification
    • County Civil Records
    • National Security Records
    • Education Verification
    • Professional License Verification
    • Driving Records
    • Sex Offender Database Searches
    • Reference Checks
    • DOT Drug and Alcohol History Request Information
    • Workers Compensation Reports
    • Additional Searches Available

    Searches are tailored to meet the needs of your company.

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    Mobile Occupational Services is dedicated to providing accurate information. If you find inaccurate information within your report and feel it needs to be changed, please proceed to our dispute page or contact us at 760-244-6886.