Training Classes

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Supervisor Training

The Department of Transportation Requires that each person who has responsibility for supervising drivers must must receive at least one hour of training on controlled substance abuse and one hour of training on alcohol misuse. Training is designed to help supervisors determine whether or not their suspicions are reasonable enough to require a driver to undergo a test for drugs or alcohol Management and other administrative personnel whether DOT or private industry should also be considered for training. There may be occasions where they are confronted by an impaired employed. Our goal is to have all supervisors feel competent in making a determination to conduct a test. Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors requirements and class outline.

    Employee Education Programs

    Mobile Occupational Services Employee Education Programs are available to explain your companies substance policy as well as the consequences of using drugs and alcohol on and off the job. Our Employee Education Programs work to educate your employees on how to seek help with their substance abuse problems, including descriptions of services available to them for a fee or at no cost. In addition to this our Employee Education Programs inform your employees about how drugs and alcohol affect the companies productivity, product quality, absenteeism and accident rates. Employees are explain all testing procedures as well as how specimens are handled to ensure accuracy and confidentiality.

      Community Awareness Programs

      Mobile Occupational Services conducts classes to help our community and parents keep updated on drug use. Our goal is to have parents and community involvement by educating them on signs of use. This will help them in turn be able to discuss the harmful effects of drugs with their children. It is important for parent's, schools coaches, churches, and other community members with influence over our young people to consistently send the message that drug use is wrong.

        Breath Alcohol Technician Training

        A Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) must be knowledgeable and proficient in the testing procedures. The testing procedure for a BAT is very specific and must be followed. Requirements for Breath Alcohol Technicians are outlined in 49 CFR Part 40 of the Federal Register . Mobile Occupational Services will train and educate your technicians to fully understand the regulations and follow the established testing procedures. Refresher courses are available with proof of Breath Alcohol Technician Certificate.

          Urine Collection Training

          The procedure for collecting a urine specimen as outlined in 49 CFR Part 40 of the Federal Register is very specific and must be followed whenever a DOT required urine specimen collection is performed. These procedures, include the use of Federal Drug Testing Custody Form, required by the DOT only. Mobile Occupational Services will educate and train your health care professionals to understand the regulations and follow the established collection procedure for both mandated and non-mandated urine collections.