DOT Request to Submit Program Results – What to do?

Submitted on Apr 07, 2022

At the beginning of each year the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires certain employers to submit the testing totals of all Federal tests completed from the previous year. If you are unfamiliar with this process and recently received a letter from DOT the process to complete the request is simple. The request letter from DOT will list the specific mode of the Department of Transportation that is requesting the statistics, a deadline for submittal, as well as specific instructions on the website to submit the information with a username and password to submit the information.

The first step is preparing your statistics for submittal on a MIS Data Collection Form. An example of the form as well as instructions for completing the form are on the Federal site at:

MIS form:

Instructions on completing the form:

The MIS Report will need to be completed with all Federal testing from the previous calendar year. This report should be completed each year in preparation for possible inspections as well. NOTE: Non-Federal testing is NOT included in this report. If you work with a consortium or third-party administrator for your testing, this should be part of the management of your program and they will be able to provide you a completed report. If you need to compile the information on your own, all testing must be accounted for and entered into the report in the required boxes based on test type and result status.

Once your MIS Report is ready proceed to the site designated on the letter received. After logging into the site utilizing the information from the letter, the site will guide you along as you enter in the required information about your company and the results from the MIS Report. If you have any questions during the process FMCSA provides a help line number 617-494-6336.

After completion your stats will be reviewed by DOT and combined with all other employer submittals to help determine the status of testing and testing within each DOT mode.