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FMCSA Clearinghouse

Submitted on Sep 26, 2019

The FMCSA Clearinghouse is still on schedule to be ready for January 2020. We have been keeping in close contact with all resources to keep everyone informed of this great new tool for tracking past drug and alcohol violations of FMCSA covered employees. Below is a brief review of the Clearinghouse as well as the most recent information.

Dilute Samples - What is a dilute? Should I be concerned?

Submitted on Jan 13, 2015

Most reports of a negative-dilute specimen are nothing to be concerned with, however some situations can be a red flag and require further testing. The main thing to note is that a negative-dilute specimen is NOT the same as a positive result. A dilute specimen is just that....a dilute specimen. Dilute specimens that are positive are not reported as positive-dilute they are reported as a positive. The dilute status is not of concern. Whenever receiving a dilute specimen report, it is important to have an MRO involved in the review process, even if the test is a Non-DOT.

Comment Period Extended for FAA ANPRM Requiring D&A Testing for Outside U.S. Maintenance

Submitted on Jun 09, 2014

A May 1 Federal Register notice extended the comment period for an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) that was published on March 17, 2014. In that document, the FAA sought input on its intent to amend the FAA’s drug and alcohol testing regulations to require drug and alcohol testing of certain maintenance personnel outside of the United States.

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FAA Provides Suggested Formats and Forms for Industry D&A Testing Programs

Submitted on Jun 09, 2014

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has provided new suggested formats and forms for drug and alcohol testing programs for aviation employers; these include forms to Authorize the Release of Drug and Alcohol Testing Records, Drug and Alcohol Posting and Policy Samples, Inspection Documents, and more.

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FMCSA Rule Change - Medical Examiners Reporting

Submitted on Jun 10, 2013
In CFR Parts 383, 384, 391 the FMCSA proposes to require certified medical examiners (MEs) performing physical examinations on drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) to use a newly developed Medical Examination Report (MER) Form and a new  medical examiner's certificate (MEC). In addition, MEs would be required to report results of all completed commercial drivers' physical examinations (including the results of examinations where the driver was found not to be qualified) to FMCSA by close of business on the day of the examination.