FTA Drug and Alcohol Regulation Updates Newsletter #54

Submitted on Jun 09, 2014

The FTA Drug and Alcohol Regulation Updates Newsletter Issue #54 has been published. Topics Include:

  • New Acting Director of Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance
  • Post-Accident – Definition of Operation of Vehicle Lifts/Doors on Light Rail
  • Oversight Responsibility
  • Refusals Recognized by FTA
  • Efforts to Improve Collection Process May Violate Rule
  • Testing Above the Federal Minimums
  • Drug and Alcohol Training Schedule
  • Drug-Free Workplace Act—25th Anniversary
  • What Do You Have Hanging On Your Walls?
  • FTA Grantees Have Access to Contractor/Subrecipient Records
  • DAMIS Packages Mailed in December
  • Electronic CCFs Not Permitted
  • Ferry Boat Operators Must Submit MIS

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