Marijuana industry is heavily lobbying Congress to pass H.R. 1595

Submitted on Jun 06, 2019

Message from our Friends at SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana)

The marijuana industry is heavily lobbying Congress to pass H.R. 1595, the SAFE Banking Act to give the marijuana industry a massive infusion of money from Wall Street by granting access to the federal banking system.

Time is short, and we need you to Write Congress and tell them to Oppose the SAFE Banking Act.

Marijuana banking:

  • Sets a dangerous legal precedent to allow banking access for a Schedule 1 drug, giving money laundering access to international drug cartels who are already using the cover of legalization
  • Provides a precedent for giving banking access to other criminal activity. 
  • Is a slippery slope: Denver just legalized magic mushrooms and Oregon is next. 
  • Access to banks would radically increase investment in the marijuana industry, accelerating its transformation into the next Big Tobacco and allowing marketing of candies, gummies and sodas.


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Kevin Sabet

President of SAM Action


P.S., You can find the full text of the bill here.