What is a Consortium?

What is a Consortium?

A drug testing consortium is a grouping of companies or employers that join together for the purpose of meeting the DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements. The consortium members add their DOT covered employees to a combined random testing pool and from that pool employees are randomly selected for testing. Consortiums enable smaller companies as well as owner operators to meet the requirements of the DOT mode they fall under as well as keep costs down. Mobile Occupational Services consortiums are run just like our company programs. Care is taken for each clients needs for components such as notifications to or for brokers, sub-haulers, sub contractors, or contractors. We understand that just just because your company may have less employees does not me you have any less of a program. 

How Mobile Occupational Services Manages the Consortium:

After enrollment each company receives a complete enrollment packet. These packets include all DOT required components as well as forms and checklists designed by Mobile Occupational Services to help keep you organized an ready for your inspections. All program components are also available online with a member log in.

The consortium is then administered by Mobile Occupational Services and random selections are made through out the year to keep everyone in compliance. At the end of the year all members receive MIS reports showing the compliance of the consortium. 

If a consortium member is in need of any documentation or program documents for an inspection we assist all of our members with top priority. While some consortiums could take days or weeks to get back with you, when you contact us a person answers the phone and we often provide you with the information you need with in minutes or hours.

Our program is completely automated and electronic. This enables us to spend less time searching for information and more time providing it.

Program Management Accessibility with DEMI (Designated Employer Management Information)

Mobile Occupational Services members enjoy web based automation and management for their random consortium testing. DEMI lets users:

  • Access Program Documents
  • Statistical Reports
  • Program Checklists
  • Audit Assistance
  • Full Customization Per User
  • Up to Date DOT Information and Industry News