Drug Testing Program Management

Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Management is one of the most important parts to any organizations safety, productivity, and reduction to liabilities. When partnering with clients we work together to create a program based on four main objectives:

Policy Development

Before starting any program, a proper policy must be created and implemented. We partner with our clients to create a policy that meets the requirements of any Federal or State Administrations, as well as any union requirements, or other contractual requirements they may have. We understand that each industry and company is different. We make sure we assist our clients in meeting the needs they require by not fitting them into one type of program.

Employee Awareness & Education

The primary goal of any program is the safety and well being of the employees. We partner with the employer and as well as the employees. Safety starts with proper training and awareness for employees and supervisors. Education on the dangers drug abuse can cause for themselves and those they work with. We become a resource for management as well as each employee during this process.

Client Culture, Needs & Requirements

Just like a person, each company is different. Its goals, how its run, and the requirements it has. We understand this and we evaluate each company and create a program around each company, not the company around the program. We understand the requirements and issues involved with:

DOT Regulations   State Laws   Union Contracts   Contractor Requirements

Testing Administration / Evaluation

Once a program is implemented, testing is only valuable if it is evaluated. We understand where to look if a client thinks they have a drug abuse problem. We also have the experience and knowledge when evaluating to help provide solutions. Substance Abuse is not a "fixable" issue, consistent evaluation and pro active steps is the only way to stay ahead.

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All specimens are processed utilizing a certified laboratory (compliant with the Department of Transportation Regulations), certified collectors, and certified Breath Alcohol Technicians.


  • In House Medical Review Officer
  • Nationwide Collection Site Network
  • Employment Screening
  • On-Site Collections
  • On-line Program Access
  • Customized Website Resources for Management and Employees