Drug and Alcohol Testing Services for Arlington, Texas

SubstanceAbuse Testing ArlingtonMobile Occupational Services has been providing drug and alcohol testing services for employers, the community, and individuals for over 20 years. We understand the requirements each employer size has and the confidentiality involved in testing. Our DOT consortium keeps Owner Operators in compliance with the Department of Transportation. Our specially designed programs for mid and large size employers keeps them in line with Federal, State, Contractor, and Union requirements. All of our clients; small to large, independent driver to national employer, is treated with the same philosophy of partnership; rather than as a vendor to client relationship.

We combine quality and reasonable pricing to provide our clients with DOT and Non-DOT Testing Services. Our testing is cost efficient but does not sacrifice our high level of service. Our two decades of experience enables us to understand the difference in needs of a private or personal test and that of an employer or Department of Transportation Regulated drug test. Not all substance abuse testing is the same. We understand the difference and we take the proper steps with confidentiality and procedures so each drug test type is handled correctly.

Third Party Program Administration

Proper drug testing program administration is key to a safe and productive workforce. Much more than just random pulls and test result reporting, a proper TPA partners with its client and works to consistently improve the program with prevention techniques, evaluation, and innovation. At Mobile Occupational Services that is our goal and the foundation of our company

Drug Testing Consortium

Not all DOT Consortium's are the same and our consortium does much more than keep you in compliance. Our innovative program provides all of your program documents and resources available any time with our secure member log in. Our most innovative feature is the ability to talk to a live person and get an answer when you call. We have no automated phones and no long delays to get you what you need for your inspections. A trained person answers the phone, you ask, and we provide what you need.

Employee Drug Testing

The sensitive and confidential work involved in DOT drug testing has laws and requirements to protect individuals and employers. These steps should not be sacrificed because a drug test is a Non-DOT. We believe all testing should be held to the highest standard. This is why all employee testing is performed to same requirements as a Federal drug test, even though we are not required to.

Personal, Family, and Court Drug Testing

The sensitivity and understanding involved with drug testing a child, conducting a court required drug test, or need for a personal drug test is important. We do not just provide a product or service but take the time to assist in the needs of those being tested; providing resources, compassion, and understanding.

Overall we strive to continually improve, innovate, and provide the best resources and services to our clients.

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Arlington, Texas is located in Tarrant County and has an estimated population of approximately 380,000 in an area of about 97 square miles. The City is home to the Texas Rangers, the International Bowling Hall of Fame, and AT & T Stadium. Alington is part of the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area.

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