Drug and Alcohol Testing Services for Apple Valley, California

Serving the Town of Apple Valley with quality drug and alcohol testing services for over 20 years, Mobile Occupational Services is has become an important part of the High Desert Community. Residents of Apple Valley have come to depend on us for cost efficient drug screening and alcohol testing services on-site as well as in our local office. With our one of kind approach of partnership with our clients, we are able to provide the same superior level of service to every partnered client. We treat all clients from the ownerDOT Drug Testing Apple Valleyoperator independent driver, to the large employer, to the individual, with the same high quality level of service.

Each of our quality drug and alcohol testing administrative programs is catered and molded to the partnered client. Our programs for Federally Covered (Department of Transportation covered) employers and Non-Federally (Non-DOT) covered employers will not just keep you in compliance with Federal and State Requirements but will be sure to fill the needs of your company's internal needs. We have experience and an understanding of the needs of small, large, union, non-union, public, private, and subcontracting employers. This makes the program we design together yours. 

Substance Abuse Testing

Mobile Occupational Services provides residents and employers in Apple Valley with the most reasonable pricing and expert service in drug testing in areas such as:

Complete Program Administration

Mobile Occupational Services understands the differences in company types and industries and that each company has its own internal guidelines and culture.  Because of this, we partner with our clients to create a substance abuse program that meets all of the company's needs as well as all of the Federal and State requirements the company is required to follow.

Overall we strive to continually improve, innovate, and provide the best resources and services to our clients.

The Town of Apple Valley is located in San Bernardino County, in the North Inland Empire Community of the High Desert. The Town has a population of approximately 71,000 and an area of 73 square miles. The Town is known for its mountain views, good town leadership and infrastructure, and community of Jess Ranch.

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